3 Amazing Irish Adverts

It can sometimes seem as though we are being bombarded with adverts every minute of the day. The majority of these ad’s fail to catch our attention for more than a few seconds and others do not draw us in at all.

Then there are those iconic TV adverts with tag lines, theme tunes and stories we end up knowing off by heart and sharing across social media.

Here are 3 Irish adverts which had an impact on watchers:


Vodafone, Dear Santa….



Since its that time of year again I thought it would be perfect to start off with Vodafone’s Christmas advert from 2015.

Vodafone wanted to show themselves as a brand that cares and understands their customers, through this story about a little girl called Katie they reach the emotional needs of their customers. At Vodafone they stated that they wanted to help customers get closer for Christmas but understand that sometimes the best call of all is made in person.

In the ad shown above, we see a little girl writing her letter to Santa but do not see what is on it which builds up curiosity of viewers. Throughout the ad it is clear that Katie is loosing her spark of excitement for Christmas as she is loosing her belief in the spirit of the season. It is not obvious until the end of the ad on Christmas day when we realize that Katie had asked Santa for her brother to come home which is defiantly something that you can buy in a shop.

When Katie sees her brother the spark returns and viewers who have been engaged with the mystery behind the letter are satisfied that the child does not loose her Christmas spirit.

Vodafone have established themselves as a brand that understands and cares about its customers. The team which came up with the advert have used the emotional aspect of marketing to connect with viewers, the ad strikes a cord with almost every viewer in a variety of ways, through emotions, personal experiences and the idea that the excitement of Christmas for children is not always through the material items they receive for Christmas.


Aldi, Fear of God


This advert by lidl, is promoting their store and also promoting Irish rugby. It is a motivational ad which shows the imagination and determination of kids even at a young age.

Winners of Aldi’s competition is a chance to win a training session with Paul O’Connel. The young boy in the advert is giving a motivational speech, this teamed with the music and imagery provide both a comedic and motivational feel.

For those that are unfamiliar with Paul O’Connel he is an Irish Rugby legend, he is featured at the end of the advert as the child is quoting some of his most famous pre match pep talks. This ad was a clever idea to promote both aldi and irish rugby.

Guinness, Made of More….



There ae not many beer adverts that can touch our hearts, but this ad really evokes an emotinal response from viewers. The ad consists of men playing basketball in wheelchairs, it shows intense scenes which shows that each of them really cares about the game and the meaning.

We learn at the end that the team has only one paralysed player and the rest are his friends. Guinness – Made of More, really establishes its meaning by highlighting the determination, loyalty and dedcation of all players.

The ad is creativly presented by containing elements of motivation, suprise and amazement. It portrays the brand as a brand that represents the importane of friends and the loyalty, respect and willingness to support them in good times and in bad.


Each of the Irish ads above ar marketed in a way that make them memorable. It is important for brands to establish a unique quality which makes their brand stand out from the rest. It is these brands that have the potential to become iconic. I hope you enjoyed this post.

Until Next time,

Aoíshe 🙂




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