Brands who use their Twitter Account Successfully


Twitter is among the top social media platforms, coming in second behind Facebook. It is used as a conversational tool between users and is very useful in the business industry.

Twitter has become very popular with brands as it is a way for them to connect with their customers on a number of levels. It Can be used for promotion, customer service , public relations and entertainment.

Some Brands on Twitter have very successful accounts, Here are 3 Brands I think manage their Twitter  accounts effectively:


LinkedIn Twitter Page


LinkedIn is a brand that aims to help individuals who are interested in the business world network with potential business partners, jobs and opportunities to learn and develop new skills. They manage their Twitter page very successfully and clearly represent their business through their posts and their Twitter page image.

As shown in the image above they have a verified account, this is important for followers to know that they are following the right brand and not a ‘Fan page’. They have a large following with 1.32 Million Followers. Their profile picture is clear and represents the brand well, The cover image is a recent update of their themed week which is a very effective way to get followers to check their page weekly to see what they are promoting.


A post from LinkedIn’s page, which has a good visual and shows the brand well.
Another post which is relevant to their page and promotes their mission well.


These posts were taken from LinkedIn’s Twitter page, LinkedIn uses their page to inspire and inform their followers. They achieve this through their posts as shown above they are promoting ‘learning week’ by encouraging followers to use their services to achieve their own goals. #AlwaysBeLearning is their theme for this week (23rd – 24th) which is featured in their cover photo. They change there theme each week which keeps followers interested.

They motivate and advice their followers in their posts which always stand out due to the amount of imagery they use. This helps their posts stand out to followers and not fade to the background when individuals are browsing through their feed.



They also post and re-tweet headlines and other information which may interest their followers. These posts have nothing to do with their page but brings other individuals to their page, It is known as news hacking.By using this , it shows what the brands about and gives them a personality which attracts their target market.


Help Page


On the LinkedIn page they don’t interact with their followers and provide a link to their customer service page. This is very effective as it keeps all possible complaints or negative comments off their main page which give them a good first impression to potential followers.


Coca Cola

coca cola.PNG
Coca-Cola’s Twitter Account

Coca Cola use their page to promote their brand but also give their brand an identity and personality. They have a verified account which ads value to their twitter page and gives it more influence on followers. They have a large amount of followers with 3.2 million on their account.

There is no denying that Coca Cola’s profile picture is suited to the page, it stands out, and is identifiable making it very easy for individuals to follow their page and matches well with the rest of the page. They have a strong following with 3.29 million followers.

They manage their account in a way in which they encourage customer to interact with their brand. They tweet a lot of video and imagery content presenting their brand in a number of ways, for example:


As a globally recognized product.
As Creative Brand.
A Humorous Brand
A Fun and Trendy Brand.


As shown above Coca Cola have given their brand a fun personality with variety and creativity. By having their posts full of visuals and color they are making their tweets stand out and catch their followers eyes when scrolling through their feed.

They aim to place themselves with as many different areas as they can, including Sport fashion, music, food etc.

 Shows the different aspects of coca cola in a snapshot.

For Brands on Facebook it is important to stand out as your competition is not just your direct competitors but also indirect. It is important to keep up with the competition on social media especially and Coke have defiantly established their page as ticking all the right boxes for followers. They are entertaining, informative and creative.

They post frequently but not too frequent enough to find them annoying. Brands posting too frequently has been proven to reduce your following as many of us get annoyed. They mostly tweet once a day, it only ever goes up to two. This is a good number as it keeps an audience interested without scaring them away.

An example of their post history.

To summarize Coca Cola have established themselves as a brand with personality and creativity, through their posts and image. They keep their twitter page fun and up to date but also market their brand through fun and eye catching posts.


Ryanair Twitter Account

Ryanair are an Irish airline company which are known for their relatively cheap flights. They have a strong online presence with over 200k followers online. This page is very much a promotional tool to raise brand awareness and reach a variety of demographics online.

Ryanair have established themselves as Europe’s favorite airline and have developed their Twitter page to connect with their customers online. They have taken the opportunity to show customers and followers their personality and build relationships that will last.

As shown above they have the basics right, they have verified there account and as i have said in nearly every blog post, this is vital for individuals to know that they are following the right page and are receiving the right impression of your brand. Their profile picture is clear and identifiable making it stand out to followers.


Interaction with Followers.


They have reached out to their followers to create a cover photo each week which makes it a fun experience for both Ryanair and their followers. Followers will keep visiting their page to see a winner and at the same time are being exposed to deals and promotional offers. By doing this Ryanair get an idea of their potential customers and can build relations with different segments in their target audience.


Providing motivation for customers to avail of their services.


Another good promotional tip which Ryanair do really well is providing the potential consumer with a motivation or incentive. As humans we aim to satisfy our own individual desires and needs. By showing an image above and providing a potential consumer with and idea and destination they then set out to fill that need or want.


Promotional Content with Humor 

Ryanair are very humorous online which lowers the risk of people un-following as the tweets are not boring. In the above picture Ryanair used Irish humor to try and encourage people to get out of Ireland while the weather was ‘fliuch’. It shows creativity which many appreciate from popular brands online.


Promotional Content

They provide their limited deals online which helps them spread to their target audience and provide them with a limited opportunity, This leads to people thinking about their deal faster and availing of their offers. This boosts sales through online activity and word of mouth.

Competition Time

To sum up Ryanair they have a fun personality online and promote their page well through their posts and promotions. Through competitions on their page they interact with customers and build lasting impressions with their followers which will contribute to the Future of the business.

Thank you for reading this topic, I hope it provided an insight into how to manage a successful business/brand page on Twitter. Keep updated for the next blog post and in the meantime check out my Facebook and Twitter page, links available at the end of the blog page.

Until Next Time,

Aoíshe 🙂


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