About Aoíshe

I’m Aoíshe. I am a new blogger living in Cobh, Co. Cork Ireland.



I am a marketing student currently studying in Cork Institute of Technology (CIT). I aim to get inspiration from my course for my blog, The modules I study including the changing consumer, market research methods, social media and digital advertising have given me many ideas I cant wait to share.

Cork Institute of Technology (CIT)


Besides Marketing you will see me talk a lot about rowing, particularly costal rowing. I will be going to the All Irelands in Donegal next year, and will update regularly on our progress throughout the year. Ill talk more about that later.

All ireland 2.jpg
All Irelands 2013


On another note all together, I love trying new products and services, particularly fitness, hair and clothing products which I will feature a lot in this blog. I am currently trying Womens Best products and looking at how well they have done purely through Social media Advertising.

Womens best.PNG
Women’s Best Instagram Page


So to finish up, My blog will discuss many things from marketing to products to fitness, I am excited to get started.

Aoíshe 😊



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