5 Tips to Improve your Facebook Page

With a Large percentage of the population using Facebook, it is no secret that it is the best place to reach a large audience. When Starting up a business Facebook page there are a lot of factors to take into consideration. You will have to look at your target audience, the image of your brand you want to portray and how much influence you want your page to have on consumers.


Here is 5 useful tips to get your Facebook Page off to a good start.

1.Ensure your business account is not a friend account.

Your account should have a which will attract followers. Having to add businesses can be off putting when trying to follow their page.

Desire Nails and Beauty Facebook Page.


2. Ensure your profile picture is identifiable with your brand.

This will prevent existing and potential customers from skipping over your Facebook page. Inthe image shown below it is hard to identify that this is Uncle Ben’s Facebook page as the image has no identification of recognizable Brand Image.

Uncle Ben’s Facebook page


3. Contact information:

As many business owners no it is vital that your consumers have a simple experience when trying to contact your business via online,  phone,  email etc. Contact information is very important when setting up your Facebook page. It also helps to include other media links such as Snap chat, Twitter and your website links. As shown blow Schuh has all the information needed to enable their customers and followers to interact with the business.

Schuh Facebook Page


4. It is vital that your status updates are not to frequent.

This can be a reason why consumers will un-follow your page.
Your followers also don’t want to see repeat updates that they saw earlier that day, so make each status different.
Do not use to much content, videos and imagery is more attractive when scrolling down a page then big blocks of content.

Perfect example of a relevant post which attempts to interact with customers – Vit Hit Facebook page.


5. A call to action button

This gives interested individuals the opportunity to interact with your business.
A call to action button can be a direct link to your website, phone number etc. It is recommended for businesses to have this option on there button as it makes the consumers experience a lot easier, encouraging them to visit your page again.


An example of a call to action button which links you directly to their website – The Plaza Hotel Facebook page.

So there you have it 5 simple tips which will help your business facebook page successful. Hope it helps, leave and comment and let me know how you guys get on.

Aoíshe 😀


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